GIC NORA study visit to Norway related to equal opportunities

The study trip of 3 Gender Information Center NORA experts is directly linked to two projects financially supported from the programme Let´s Give (Wo)men a Chance, namely to projects “Let´s Find Together a New Way!“ and “Mind the Gap!”.

The GIC NORA team will participate in a study trip to Norway with the aim of sharing experience, know-how and good practices in the field of equal opportunities. The study trip programme is organised by the Open Society Fund Prague together with the Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud (LDO).

The project will contribute to deepening the expertise of GIC NORA team in areas relevant to the organization’s activities.

Organization Genderové informační centrum NORA, o.p.s.
Topic Equal opportunities

Česká republika

Date of project implementation 09.03.2017 - 31.05.2017
Norwegian partner Financed from the fund for bilateral cooperation.