Three Pillars of Safety

We opened the Locika Centre, the first specialised centre in the Czech Republic for children at risk of domestic violence. In the pilot operation, we tested an innovative way of working with the entire family.

More than 160 children attended the centre during the year. The Facebook campaign What’s Normal at Home has also been successful. In cooperation with our project partner, the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, we have published a unique study called Children, Parents and Domestic Violence on the influence of this violence on child development. In order to promote good interdisciplinary cooperation, we organised four successful round tables for a total of 73 experts, the output of which is the publication “Terms Used in the Context of Working with the Entire Family at Risk of Domestic Violence”. The final conference entitled “Children and Domestic Violence – New Perspectives” was attended by 140 experts in the Prague National Technical Library; based on the outputs of the conference, a recommendation was made to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on how to proceed in cases of children at such risk.

The project has showed a great need for services for children at risk of domestic violence, and has helped to establish good cooperation with ministries and other organisations and publicise the issue properly. On this basis, we will initiate the establishment of other similar centres in the Czech Republic.1.establish a Centre providing complex specialized help to children endangered by DV

Organization ACORUS, z.ú.
Topic Domestic violence


Amount 6 417 729 CZK
Date of project implementation 01.01.2015 - 30.06.2016
Partners VÚPSV