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We are the only organisation providing assistance to victims of domestic violence in the Znojmo region. Thanks to this project, we have expanded to include activities providing comprehensive services for clients. Our goal was to support the life situations of domestic violence victims and to minimise the risk of an increase in domestic violence in the region through primary prevention. Individual consultationshave been broadened to debt, legal and psychological counselling. We have supported at least 62 victims of domestic violence and their children, undergoing at least 550 thirty-minute interventions. Apart from direct assistance, the project outcomes also include printed material; the making and distribution of instructional videos; preventive lectures; an exhibition of photographs on the topic of domestic violence on the premises of a primary and secondary school; staff training; and the Self-defence in Partnership seminar. Our services during the project benefited 121 clients, 55of which were dealing with debt situations, and we provided 771 interventions and 68 contacts. The project did not have a Norwegian partner. Two trained workers will continue to provide individual and debt counselling. Psychological consultation will be offered at a psychologist’s private practice and we will help clients arrange these consultations. Preventive lectures will continue at a reduced level. The main benefit of the project was setting up complex services for victims of domestic violence. We have managed to maintain these services to some extent after the project ended.

Organization Diecézní charita Brno
Topic Domestic violence


Amount 705 845 CZK
Date of project implementation 01.01.2015 - 30.03.2016