U4 – Study visit to Norway

The overall aim of this cooperation project was to share experience and examples of best practices for creating and implementing anti-corruption measures promoting gender parity. This goal was achieved via a meeting held between four Project Promoter employees in the U4 think tank – an organisation belonging to the Chr. Michelsen Institute research centre. In an open discussion, a range of recommendations on integrating gender mainstreaming into anti-corruption measures was outlined and summarized.
The main benefit of the meeting for the Promoter was the opportunity to acquire specific data related to U4 research and studies in both developing and developed countries. By comparing this data with the situation and developments in the Czech Republic, TI was able to gain a better understanding of this issue, which had been an innovative one in terms of TI’s activities.
U4 organisation helped the project team put the outcomes of the “Incorruptible Women” project into a European and global context. Consultations also helped the project team to plan other potential partnerships through networking, namely after being introduced to U4 partner organisations and their areas of activity in gender mapping. Collaboration with our Norwegian partner proved crucial in further defining the concept for the systematic mapping of gender and corruption on a national scale, even after the project’s completion.

Organization Transparency International – Česká republika, o.p.s.
Topic Equal opportunities

Česká republika

Amount 77 438 CZK
Date of project implementation 01.04.2016 - 01.06.2016
Norwegian partner Financed from the fund for bilateral cooperation.
Website www.transparency.cz