Let’s Give Women a Chance

The Let’s Give Women a Chance programme has been set up to promote equal opportunities for both women and men at work and at home and to support victims of domestic and gender-based violence in the Czech Republic. The programme was administered by the Open Society Fund Prague. 155,7 million CZK has been allocated to relevant projects between 2013-2016.
Support was given primarily to non-governmental organisations, research and academic institutions, the public and private sectors (municipalities, regions, firms and others), church organisations and intergovernmental organisations active in the Czech Republic. Attention was paid to development of the Czech-Norwegian cooperation and to sharing of the Norwegian experience with gender-mainstreaming and gender equality.

Thanks to the program, over 350 outcomes that tackle domestic violence and promote equal opportunities have been created. If you want to know what outputs have emerged from the programme over the three years, then you are in the right place. In the “Programme´s Outputs“, you can filter the outputs you are interested in. These can help you in both your work and personal life.

In the “Supported Projects” you can look up project that were supported by our programme and organizations that carried the project out. The projects have focused primarily on supporting flexible working hours and other forms of flexible work schemes for parents of pre-school children. They were set up to ensure availability of child-care facilities for children up to 6 years of age and to raise awareness of gender issues. They provided a gender audit of public policies and supported the development of services for persons endangered by domestic violence.

Norway Grants in the Czech Republic

The Norway Grants have provided funding for 61 programmes in 12 European countries that have entered the European Union between 2004 and 2007. The total of 800 million Euros has been set aside to support reduction of economic and social disparity and mutual cooperation in Europe. Besides gender equality, Norway also focuses on promoting environmental protection and fighting climate change. It supports research, scholarships, civil society development, health care, children, and efficiency of justice. The Czech Republic received 70.4 million Euros from the Norway Grants and another 61.4 million Euros from the EEA Grants and sponsored fifteen programmes by the end of 2016.

More information about the programmes

– http://www.eeagrants.cz/cs/programy

More information about Norway grants

– http://www.noramb.cz/eea
– http://www.eeagrants.cz/
– http://www.norwaygrants.cz/
– http://www.eeagrants.org/

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