Men against violence towards women and children: Sharing good practices in Norway and in the Czech Republic

UPRAVIT: The project contributes to sharing of experiences and examples of good practices in the field of including men in prevention of domestic violence and violence against women and children in Norway and in the Czech Republic, through a two-day study visit of experts from the League of Open Men (LOM) in Norway. The project includes work meetings with Norwegian organisations focused on domestic violence prevention, on work with persons who manage their aggressive behaviour with difficulties, and on gender equality. The study visit will be organised in cooperation with Norwegian gender organisation Reform. The outcomes of the project will be enhanced capacity of six experts from LOM and expert counselling provided by Norwegian organisations Reform, Alternativ til Vold and the Centre for Research on Gender Equality (Kjernemiljø for likestillingsforskning – CORE).

Organization Liga otevřených mužů
Topic Domestic violence


Amount 127 941,37 CZK
Date of project implementation 15.04.2015 - 31.05.2015
Norwegian partner Financed from the fund for bilateral cooperation.
Program Dejme (že)nám šanci, spravovaný Nadací OSF, byl ukončen v roce 2017. Web není nadále aktualizován.
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