Women behind the Counter. Transformations of Work and Working Conditions of Domestic and Foreign Retail Workers

The project has helped to highlight the situation of women working at low-prestige and low-paid cashier positions. By carrying out in-depth research of the situations of various individuals, we have managed to document the connection between the working conditions in this field and the position of the employees in situations of multiple discrimination– it is significant in particular with foreign workers.

The testimonies of the target group have revealed working conditions of women “behind the counter” to the political and media environment. We have managed to collaborate across institutions: unions, state administration and academia. The outputs have been used in education as well. We have held two public events (a book presentation with a debate and a conference) and one meeting closed to the public (a working breakfast). The outcome of the research and of the debate is a research report and legal analysis which has also served as the basis for a practical manual for cashier workers –outlining solutions to the most common situations at work in a comprehensible way.

The project has created a shift in understanding the problems of this disadvantaged group for both the expert and general public. This will allow for better policies in the future and deepen the awareness of people in disadvantaged positions on how to better defend their interests.

Organization Multikulturní centrum Praha, z.s.
Topic Equal opportunities

Česká republika

Amount 803 988 CZK
Date of project implementation 01.05.2015 - 30.04.2016
Partners FHS UK
Website www.mkc.cz
Program Dejme (že)nám šanci, spravovaný Nadací OSF, byl ukončen v roce 2017. Web není nadále aktualizován.
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