Dozens of women are better off in the labour market because of news counselling centres.

There is a truly diverse range of women looking for the right job. Some are coming back to work after maternity leave and cannot or do not want to do so because of their children. Others are faced with difficult living conditions, live in socially excluded areas, or in poor housing conditions in social boarding houses. Projects supported within the Let’s Give (Wo)Men a Chance programme across Czech regions have given an opportunity to many of them. They prepared seminars and workshops focused on starting one’s own business, offered child care, and worked with long-term unemployed women in improving their skills and competencies. They taught women to stand on their own feet. We were truly touched by the success of the Competences in a Cube project of the Kostka Krásná Lípa organisation – in a region with a high unemployment rate, 13 women from socially excluded areas have found work thanks to the project.

Program Dejme (že)nám šanci, spravovaný Nadací OSF, byl ukončen v roce 2017. Web není nadále aktualizován.
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